Bilya Kaatijin

Bilya Kaatijin (which means “Fresh Water Knowledge” in Noongar) is the fourth and final story in Yirra Yaakin’s Kaatijin series for young people.

Dates: 24 August 2020 onwards | Venue: School Incursion


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bilya Kaatijin incursions have been postponed. REVISED DATES: 24 August – 25 September (Term 3) | 12 October – 16 November (Term 4) | 7 December – 17 December 2020 (Term 4). ORIGINAL DATES: 18 May – 3 July (Term 2) | 20 July – 25 September (Term 3).

Written by Zac James

Age Group: Years K – 6

Dates: 24 August – 25 September 2020 (Term 3) | 12 October – 16 November 2020 (Term 4) | 7 December – 17 December 2020 (Term 4) (revised dates)

Venue: Metro Schools Incursion

Duration: 45mins + 10min Q&A

Students numbers: 50 (min) – 150 (max)

Curriculum Links: Arts, English, HASS, Science, Sustainability, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures

Prices: $11 (+ GST) per student

10% discount for Waterwise, Disadvantaged & school bookings in excess of 500 students ($9.90 + GST per student)

Regional Schools – price on application

Bookings: | (08) 9380 3049


Artistic Credits

Written by Zac James

Directed by Amy Smith

Set design by Matt McVeigh

Costume design by Angela Ferolla & Matt McVeigh

Sound design by Tao Issaro

Stage Manager Maddie Young

Cast Ebony McGuire, Nadia Martich & Chace Poland



Bilya Kaatijin (which means “Fresh Water Knowledge” in Noongar) is the fourth and final story in Yirra Yaakin’s Kaatijin series.

Connecting stories from Noongar land (south-west Western Australia) to Wonguktha land (the northern Goldfields), Aotearoa (New Zealand) and the Kikuyu people of Kenya, Bilya Kaatijin teaches us about the importance of water to First Nations people around the world.

Journeying through global Dreaming stories the show teaches its audiences about the importance of accepting others, the power of empathy and the impact of climate change to the land and the Noongar seasons.

This production continues Yirra Yaakin’s involvement in connecting young people & families with important cultural knowledge and stories about our region. We are committed to sharing important messages of caring for country, environmental sustainability and cultural awareness.

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