2016 Culture 2.0 | Kimberley

Respect Yourself Respect Your Culture

Date: 8 June – 1 July | Venue: Kimberley Region

2016 Culture 2.0 | Kimberley

Where: Kimberley Region

When: 8 June – 1 July 2016

Workshop Coordinator / Tour Manager: Mike Nanning

About the Workshop

About the Workshop

After a successful pilot program in 2013, Yirra Yaakin is branching out into the Kimberley region with the 2016 Culture 2.0 | Respect Yourself Respect Your Culture Kimberley Workshops Tour. The program is a series of free workshop incursions that will be travelling to schools in Kimberley Region from the 8th June – 1st July 2016. Through these workshops, Culture 2.0 Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture will enable Yirra Yaakin to engage with both the Aboriginal history and theatre studies curriculum requirements in schools, while also offering unique performance creation opportunities & outcomes. The different components will enable the project to operate with a reasonable level of flexibility.

They don’t normally want to be a part of anything but they practically run down to you. Leinster Primary School teacher

The inspiration behind this project is to tell a story about culture in it’s many forms, from traditional culture to the myriad of modern subcultures. We want this program to be relevant and accessible to school students in Western Australia and we continue to seek as much input from the students as we can. At its core, the Yirra Yaakin Culture 2.0 | Respect Yourself Respect Your Culture project is a workshop program providing meaningful engagement, dialogue and cultural exchange with students in regional areas.

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