Invitation for Expressions of Interest

An invitation for the members of our community. Tell us what you want to do, and we’ll see if we can help!

If you have worked with Yirra Yaakin in the past in any capacity, you a valued member of our community! During these unprecedented times, we want to take the opportunity to support you.

We are inviting Expressions of Interests (EOIs) outlining…

What you want to do

Perhaps you want to develop an idea you are passionate about but haven’t yet had the time and/or money for, or share your knowledge with your peers.


What you want done for you

Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill, do some online lessons in a new area of artistic practice, or upskill in some way.

…or something else that we haven’t thought of!

If you haven’t worked with Yirra Yaakin but would like to become a part of our community, then add a description of yourself and your arts practice to your Expression of Interest, and throw your hand into the ring!

What you need to do

Submit a one page EOI to with an outline of what you would like to do, how you would like to do it, who would be involved, and how YY can help. Please include costs if you have them, or flag where these costs might be.

Dot points are fine! We’re not going to judge you on your application writing.


Please submit your EOI by Sunday the 5th of April 11:59pm. We understand the need for support ASAP, which is why our deadline is so soon. The faster you tell us how we can help, the faster we can make that help a reality.

We will be in contact with all artists and creatives with a response to your EOI by Wednesday the 15th of April.

Direct any questions to our Producer, Elinor, at

We look forward to reading your EOIs!



Support Us!

We rely on you, our community, for our future creative and cultural programs. Your donations, encouragement and friendship provide vital support for the ongoing development of our artists and our work. Help us share Aboriginal stories by becoming a donor today!

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