Our Supporters


Yirra Yaakin wishes to recognise the contribution of Dr Richard Walley OAM and Kerry Sanderson current Governor of Western Australia. Their support and cultural leadership are significant factors in our success.

Current Board Members

Yirra Yaakin wishes to thank the following Board members, who give generously of their time and energy to the Company. These individuals are committed to donating and showing outstanding leadership in their commitment to the Indigenous performing arts in Australia.

Clem Rodney Terry Grose
Michelle White Ellery Blackman
Karla Hart Dan Mossenson
Rosemary Walley Derek Nannup



Yirra Yaakin warmly thank the Galvin Family Foundation and the Spinifex Trust for their generous gift towards the All Our Futures Cultural leadership Program in 2015/16, providing the opportunity for emerging Indigenous artists and cultural leaders to develop their careers in WA.

Koordahs (Friends) of Yirra Yaakin

We thank our Koordahs

Individual Membership:

Dr. Fiona Stanley  
Andrea Fernandez          
Emma-Jane Beck Debrah Kelly    
Elspeth Ferrari Sally Richardson Ian Boase Amanda Alderson
Tanzi Collinge Peter Chikritzhs Alan Carter Fleur Allen
Denise Cook Anna Hansen Barbara Hostalek Vivienne Glance
Mark Pearson Yana Lewis Manuela Macri Amanda Alderson
Lockie Cooke Michelle White Christy Filpich Ema Beck
Peter Kift Amy Harry Annette Panaia Bernadette Dell
Cheryl Bettridge Ellery Blackman Maggie Orum Adam Fernandez
Karen Macdonald Susan Bogle Yvonne Paterson  
Carissa Foley Niall Brandan Sharynne Hamilton
Mira Radmilovich Catherine Clissold-Jones Nina Boydell  

Couples Membership:

Angela Cattermole Jenny Cunningham         
Tracey Walker Pete & Jo Randell
Kyle Morrison Shauna Weeks
Stephen & Terri Same Nola Burns
Pauline Vigus Marilyn Lyford
Richard West  
Eddy Cannella  

Family Membership:

Rosemary Sayer  Russell Curtin Patricia Oakley
Irma Woods Marcus Canning Michelle White
Naomi Nation Patricia Oldham  
Jon Smeulders Dan Mossenson  
Caroline De Mori
Louis Martin  


Organisations / Companies / Schools Membership:

John XXIII College  
Lavan Legal  
BEVIN Creative  
The Salvation Army  
Flame Collective  
Karla Hart  

Our Donors

Yirra Yaakin would like to acknowledge and thank our current donors

Dr. Fiona Stanley Jenny Sales Henry Boston Andrew Bovell John Goodlad
Georgia Malone Judith Hugo Leanne McKenzie Kathryn Osborne Vivienne Glance
Amanda Mead Glenn Longmire Judi Donald Kyle Morrison Susan Bogle
Beverley Webb Reuben Kooperman Peter Kift Alison Murphy-Oates Anne Annear
Anne Annear Gally Mckenzie Sally Richardson Trevor Eastwood Joy Crocker
Stephen & Terri Same BEVIN Creative Fiona Symonds Lavan Legal Christy Filipich
Susan Bogle Doreen Rees Carolyn Tan Galvin Foundation Mae Cardaci
Chris Tonkin Rosemary Sayer Louanne Munz Spinifex Trust Doreen Rees
Aaron Beach Sarah Weber Suzanne Clerc Cornerstone Lodge Irene Jarzabek
Debrah Kelly Andrea Fernandez Michelle White Yvonne Paterson Anonymous (20)
Helen Hristofski Georgia King Tim Watts Kathryn Perano
Kerry O'Sullivan Terry Grose Debrah Kelly Alan Dodge
Sandy Toussaint Anne Tregonning Stephen Thackray Naomi Nation
Barbara Hostalek & Manuela Macri
Nina Boydell
Nancy Hackett
Caroline De Mori  


Leaving a bequest marks your meaningful bond with this theatre company, and your belief in the future of Western Australian Indigenous arts and culture. Your bequest is a truly enduring way to ensure that younger generations are able to experience and enjoy engaging with Aboriginal theatre. By leaving a bequest, you will leave your own legacy. Thank you to our generous patrons who have committed to leaving Yirra Yaakin a bequest.

Playing your part

If you are interested in supporting Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company, please contact our Partnerships Manager Fleur Allen on partnerships@yirrayaakin.com.au or (08) 9380 3043. Donations are tax deductible and you can remain anonymous and/or keep your gift amount undisclosed.