Sonnets in Noongar Workshops

The Sonnets in Noongar program is a series of workshop incursions available to upper high school students (15+)

Year Level: 9 – 12 | Venue: School Incursion

Where School Incursion

When 2 – 21 September

Year Level  9 – 12


Year Level: 9 – 12

Venue: School Incursion

Term 3 Metro Tour: 2 – 21 September

Duration: 3 x 1 hour sessions

$500 + GST Disadvantaged Schools
$750 + GST Waterwise Schools
$1000 + GST Advantaged Schools

Learning areas: Arts,  English, HASS, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Histories & Cultures

Resources: Pre teaching resources included

About the Workshop

About the Workshop

The Sonnets in Noongar program is a series of workshop incursions available to upper high school students (15+). The workshop program aims to create a better understanding of Noongar culture and the process of adaptation, whilst providing students with a meaningful introduction and engagement with Noongar Language.

By teaching Shakespeare’s sonnets in traditional Noongar language students will gain an awareness and appreciation of Noongar language and culture, develop pronunciation skills in a language other than English and expand on skills related to performance opportunities and outcomes.

Across 3 x 1 hour sessions, students are introduced to the basics of Noongar language (i.e. phonetics, simple vocabulary), learn how the sonnets were created and translated, develop pronunciation skills and expand on performance skills, leading to a performance outcome.

Junior Sonneteers Program.

In 2018 (subject to funding) the Sonnets in Noongar workshops will be used as a gateway to allow students an opportunity to become a part of Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company through the Junior Sonneteers Program.

Students who participate in the Sonnets in Noongar workshops, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, will be invited to audition for a spot as a Junior Sonneteer where they will undergo a week long intensive workshop with Artistic Director of Kyle J Morrison, who will work with the students on performative techniques and language resulting in performance opportunities of the Shakespearean Sonnets in Noongar language.

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