Culture 2.0 Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture


Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture delivers positive health messages about the underlying causes of ill health in Aboriginal communities whether they are urban, rural, regional or remote. Including:



1. Breathe Free - Give up the smokes and live the best life you can. You’ll be able to keep up with the kids, your mates at the sports club and the girls at training. Smoking in culture is best left for ceremony.

2. Reduce Your Alcohol - Kick the grog habit and start by having alcohol-free week days and binge-free weekends. You can enjoy a glass or middy without getting smashed and respect yourself in the morning for it.

3. Eat Smartly - It’s pretty simple - good food gives you more energy to do more. Junk food is a quick fix with no staying power and adds on the kilos which isn’t going to give you that blak n deadly bod. Get wise and eat smart. Why not tuck into some bush tucker? 

4. Exercise - Go on and breathe in that fresh air. Get out to the bush and explore country, go to the park and kick the footy, dance at a gig, walk the dog or just walk to the shops instead of jumping in the car. Its about getting that spirit heart beating rather than sitting on the couch.


5. Harmful Substances - You see enough abuse on the news without abusing yourself too. It doesn’t solve problems, it just makes you lose control of your life and everything you cared about. Life’s for living to the full, so do it!