Culture 2.0 Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture Workshops

Year Level  1 - 12

Venue  School Incursion
Term 1 Dates Metro Tour  6 March - 23 March
Term 3 Dates Metro Tour  2 September - 21 September
Term 4 Dates Metro Tour  5 November - 23 November
Dates Gascoine Tour  15 October - 26 October
Duration 2 x 1 hour sessions
  1 x 2 hour session
  (3 sessions in total held on the same day)
Cost $300 + GST Disadvantaged Schools
  $450 + GST Waterwise Schools
  $600 + GST Advantaged Schools
Bookings or 9380 3049
Respect Yourself, Respect Your Culture delivers positive health messages about the underlying causes of ill health in Aboriginal communities whether they are urban, rural, regional or remote. Click here to read more.



Across 3 x 1 hour sessions students will participate in a structured range of physical theatre based activities that will provide an introduction to Aboriginal forms of storytelling and offer an Indigenous approach to devising theatre and performance whilst providing a gateway for a dialogue about culture, using Noongar culture as a springboard for that discussion.


Topics discussed during the workshops include: Family, Totems, Celebrations, Language (and other forms of communictaion), Connection to Country, Food, Sustainabilty, Respect amongst others.


Throughout the 3 sessions, students will explore storytelling through a range of mediums such as movement and song whilst being exposed to basic Noongar language and culture as well as learning about each other and the diverse cultures within the group.


The workshop program is entirely collaborative and inclusive and allows students an opportunity to have their voice and share ways to connect with each other and the world. The Culture 2.0 workshops are not just for Aboriginal students but work best when the group is diverse.


Culture 2.0 is available to both Primary and Secondary schools and is modified accordingly.


All activities are designed to provoke respect, trust, positive cooperation, collaborations, teamwork, and harmonious interaction with the environment and other peoples.