Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company is holding AUDITIONS


KING HIT by Geoffrey Narkle and David Milroy

Directed by Kyle J Morrison


Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company invites performers between the ages of 18-50 to audition for our new major production in 2014 and a new music theatre work to be staged in 2015.

This is not a training opportunity. Professional actors are encouraged to apply.

KING HIT As part of our 21 years of sharing Aboriginal stories, Yirra Yaakin is presenting one of its most successful and beloved productions, King Hit. King Hit tells the story of Geoff “The Barker Bulldog” Narkle as he struggles through life trying to find a way to earn respect and equality after being taken from his family at a young age and put into a mission. Joining the George Stewart Travelling Boxing Troup, Geoff took his anger and frustrations out on anyone that stepped into the ring with him. He fought his way around the South West, trying to fill the hole that was left by his fractured and family-less childhood. It takes a powerful blow to break the link between mother and child.

We are looking for an ensemble cast to play a variety of characters.

Aboriginal adult female 35+

Young Aboriginal male 18-24

Aboriginal male 35+

Young Aboriginal female 18-24

Caucasian adult male 35+

CROWBONES AND CARNIVORES A sandalwood-trading outpost on the edge of the desert at the end of the railway line brings two fractured Aboriginal families together at a time when the draconian legislation of the Aborigines Act of 1905 is ever present and sacrifice is paramount to survival. It is 1929, the eve of the Great Depression, where the yearning for a better life inspires shady deals and unravels dark secrets. The past demands to be paid for, but at what cost?

Recently widowed Maggie and her two adult children await the arrival of a train with high expectations of a good price for their sandalwood and the dream of a new life in Perth. Albert, her ‘tribal brother’, and self appointed Manager of the depot, is keen for Maggie and her family to be gone. He has his own plans for himself and his two unmarried daughters. The “General”, a malevolent and ghostly’ apparition dressed in an old army coat with a hessian mask, stalks both families threatening to unhinge their worldly aspirations. Betty, the daughter of Maggie, who has second ‘sight’, foretells a different future as a shadowy past reveals its face in all its foul and ugly truth.

This music theatre work transports you into a gothic landscape of moonlight apparitions where the night's stars are unborn babies and a skeleton horse made of sandalwood inhabits the shadows. An allegorical fable narrated by its ghosts, Crowbones and Carnivores is a campfire vision that will linger long in the mind along with the pungent scent of ever-smoldering sandalwood.


Characters may contain descriptions in regards to their skin. This relates to the period the play is set in and particularly to the miscegenation policy of the Aboriginal Protection Board. No offence is intended.

Aboriginal adult female, late 30’s, singer 35+ 

Aboriginal male, late teens, fairer complexion, singer 18-24

Aboriginal girl, early teens, fairer complexion 18-24

Aboriginal female, late teens, with a dark complexion, singer 18-24

Aboriginal female, mid teens, with a dark complexion, singer 18-24

Caucasian adult male, mid to late 40’s, English accent, singer 35+

Auditions will be held at Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company in mid May 2014.

For audition requirements please contact Judy Bone on (08) 9202 1966 or email judy@yirrayaakin.com.au